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Inspired by their products and philosophy on repeated trips to trek in Nepal we decided to bring the Kaemp8848 product to Australia. If it is good enough for the fantastic back bone of the Nepali trekking and mountaineering community “The Sherpa” it was good enough for us, no fancy European or American label required.
Kaemp8848 is manufactured by Subha Garment a well established Nepali company specialising in the manufacturing and exporting high quality adventure clothing since 2002. From the inception, they have been producing a wide range of trekking, travelling and mountaineering clothing for both men and women.

Subha garments are being marketed under the brand-name Kaemp8848 (8848 being the height in metres of Mount Everest) both in Asia and Australia.

 Situated in Kathmandu their team of experienced merchandisers, designers and management staff, with modern equipment, advanced technology, qualified technicians and skilled local workers they produce locally made by Nepali garments that are both used by the Sherpa Community and worn by Nepali’s as well as exporting some to Europe.

The Subha organisation stands on the pillars of innovations and quality. With a vision is to serve customers with dedication and offer specialised services with quality assurance. A quality-driven organisation seeking to render quality service and products to clients. With a team of experts to maintain a strict vigil in the manufacturing process to ensure that all the products are flawless, the customer is the winner,

The Kaemp8848 brand like to keep things fashionable, playful, sturdy and yet affordable.

With the aim of building long term relationship with our clients by offering them high product quality outdoor clothing products backed by proactive customer service and timely delivery.

We are proudly a growing Nepali enterprise recently the factory has been enlarged lately to 20000 sq. ft. to cope with the increasing demand for the company products. It is equipped with both old and new plant machines.